Course curriculum

    1. What are the objectives of this course ?

    2. Who is this course for ? Who can become an Ultimate Contractor ?

    3. Who is Erdem ? Why is the right person to teach this course ?

    4. Why become a contractor ? Pros and Cons ?

    1. When should you pull the trigger and do the transformation from employee?

    2. What is the worst thing that can happen ?

    3. Change in value structure Getting fired and after life

    4. How to handle Cognitive Dissonance ?

    5. How to handle rejections ?

    6. How to leverage diversity ?

    7. Learn the rules of the game

    8. Divide and Conquer Problems

    9. Three levels of the mind

    10. Which movies to watch ?

    11. Why are you moving from an employee to a contractor ?

    12. How to leverage working mobile ?

    13. How to take risk and position yourself ?

    14. Upwork/LinkedIn and Remote Contracts

    15. Productivity different for everyone - 3 minds play Onuralp think, I waste time

    16. What do you need to focus and How to avoid marginals!

    17. Marginal Talks and Avoiding Marginals

    18. What are the negative aspects of the Contractor?

    1. Employee and a family mans dilemma / sponsors and ratios

    2. Know your numbers

    3. Understanding the overall numbers Compare Quickbooks with Excel

    4. Not knowing Numbers and Learning 3 Rules of Money Management

    5. How much should you ask for ?

    6. Bankroll Management

    7. Business Cycles

    8. How much money did i make and what's the potential ?

    9. I don't have any money. How do I borrow?

    1. Setting up the company

    2. Online Banking Setup and Options

    3. Type of Insurances

    4. Where should you work ?

    5. Get A Proper Accountant

    6. Writing your business plan with Customer Development

    1. Which software you need to Use?

    2. How To Use Notion In a Contract ?

    3. Teams, WebEx and remote calls how to prepare for them

    4. Google Sheets

    5. Quickbooks

    6. Tech Stack Mac, Windows, Linux

    7. Minimalist or Mximums

    8. Google Home, Smart Watches Tablets and Computers

    9. Why bother with Loom?

    10. Google Suite

    11. Laptop and EORI Number

    12. Lucid Charts and Mindmaps

    13. Email labels and Filtering for Contracts

    14. Join Social Networks

    1. Contracts and types zero / term / fixed

    2. Always Be Closing With The Recruiters ( Real Life )

    3. Closing Contracts in Real Time

    4. Checking Contract for Taxes and Closing With Countersigned

    5. Security Cleared Contracts as a Leverage

    6. Close multiple jobs/contracts and borrow your own time

    7. Reject Inside IR35 roles with Charm

    8. Develop Yourself

    9. Recruiter Call Frequently Asked Questions

    10. Recording a voicemail

    11. Recruiter call extending a contract

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